What do you take for payments?
I accept cash, cheque, or on-line bank transfers.

What are your fees?

  • Special introductory offer 1/2 hour $40.00
  • Full BodyTalk Session $100.00
  • Child / Senior rate $70.00
  • Package price for 5 Sessions $400.00
  • Package price for 10 Sessions (Family package) $700.00
  • VM of Lymphatic Drainage $70.00
  • Fast-Aid Session $40.00       
  • Package price for 3 Fast-Aid Sessions $80.00
  • Time Limited till DEC. 31st, 2017  Offer    Once a Month session for the 2018 Year.  Buy your 5 session package for $400.00, have a session once a month enables you to buy your second package of 5 sessions for 1/2 price $200.00.  Continue to have monthly sessions and Susan will BONUS 2 more sessions to complete the full year.  That works out  12 sessions at $50.00 a session.  The intention of monthly sessions is to keep stresses from building up in your body.  Dealing with that month’s concern as maintenance for feeling well.  Accumulative effects of feeling well will also enable the body to work on deeper issues within that are contributing to health concerns.

How many treatments will it take till I feel better and see results?

Everyone is different. For some one treatment makes a world of difference and is enough till something else bothers them. For others it may take up to 10 treatments to get lasting significant changes.  If you purchase a 5 session package and have regular BodyTalk sessions within a 6 month period and you can honestly say you have not experienced any improvement in well being then Susan will refund the package price.

Do I have to believe in this for it to work?
The power of thought is very strong but so is the sub-conscious mind. You may not understand anything about what was treated but the sub-conscious can use that information and make changes within. At least being open to the possibility of your body being able to make changes within to heal itself is helpful.