I work with people of all ages who desire to improve what their body is currently experiencing.

I do this by connecting with that part of you (INNATE WISDOM) that knows what is going on within you, and ask it questions.  Your body has the ability to answer YES or No guiding me to what information it wants us to focus upon for your treatment.

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The human body has amazing healing abilities if it’s communication and energy flow is operating well. The BodyTalk system works to improve any compromised energy and communication pathways so YOUR BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF.

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BodyTalk sessions can be used for:

  • General Wellness and Preventative Healthcare
  • Child Behavioral Problems
  • Child Health Concerns
  • Child Developmental process
  • Sports Medicine
  • PTSD and Trauma
  • Cancer and Chemotherapy Support
  • Addiction recovery and Cravings
  • Weight and Body Issues
  • Rehabilitation for Injury or Surgery
  • Allergies and Immune System Dysfunctions
  • Depression and Anxiety Issues

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Great for Athletes, Babies, Children, Adults and Seniors who do not want to just control symptoms by drugs and supplements. Click here to learn more about BodyTalk and its Principles

BodyTalk is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. It can aid the body to restore itself to better balance and function.  BodyTalk is complementary to all other systems of healthcare the client may be currently using.

A BodyTalk practitioner asks  -” What is the Body’s Priority to Promote Healing?   All of your experiences, the choices you have made, your beliefs about self and life, plus your environment have contributed to your current health condition. The sub-conscious mind within us knows where energy/ awareness, blood, nerve, lymph flow are compromised and limiting our wellness – BodyTalk communicates with this intelligence to build a treatment.

BodyTalk does not diagnose or prescribe anything.  It works with the idea of  WHAT COULD BE BETTER not from the thought of what is wrong.  Got a Pain or Injury?  Want to feel better emotionally?  Is your spirit low?  Got negative thinking you want to change? Is your child experiencing discomfort in any of these areas?

I give fast-aid treatments for acute symptoms of injury (sport or accident) Full BodyTalk treatments to get to the underlying reasons for the pain whether it physical, mental, emotional or spirit based hurts. Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage if swelling or poor lymph flow is priority.

Susan Lee, Certified  International BodyTalk Association (IBA) Practitioner  since 2007, Advanced Practitioner certified in 2013 click here to view all of Susan’s Training.

Click here to follow along with a BodyTalk technique to help the brain De-Stress and communicate within itself more efficiently. This technique allows the time for the brain to focus on brain connection with the body. Try it daily for a month as a self help practice like meditation to clear the mind and promote well-being.

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