To Rehabilitate means to get back into good working order.

When it comes to looking after our bodies, one of the most challenging areas of that process is recovery from an injury.  Recuperation and healing can be extremely difficult especially with the daily demands that we place on our bodies with work and our lifestyle.  For those needing assistance in finding a path to rehabilitation that is holistic, authentic and formulated specific for you – BodyTalk is the solution.

BodyTalk is a process which is used to help accelerate and improve the healing.  After suffering an injury, whether that’s due to a sport-related incident or even just a freak accident, it helps to know what the body is requesting for the rehab process. The body often needs conditioning of the strength of its energy lines plus the communication the nervous system provides.  Sadly, the physical limitations that injury can cause to our bodies mixed in with pain and stress  makes it hard for people to begin the process of healing. Often the painful situation is in the way we feel emotionally.  BodyTalk is a solution to reduce pain and manage stress that many people decide to turn to. This is a perfect place for those who find recovery difficult to manage.

How Does BodyTalk Provide Pain Relief and Holistic Treatment?

In essence, a holistic approach to rehabilitating the body and mind is important.  Having the right mental beliefs in place is as important as having the physical capacity to fully recover.  People often lack the foundation belief in the body’s ability to fully recover. This is another area where BodyTalk can step in to assist you to meet your health goals.

BodyTalk used on a regular basis to help with injury rehabilitation, whether it’s from surgery recovery and post-operative treatment or to help promote pain relief in a particular part of the body works by dealing with the trauma the injured site has suffered.  The underlying cause of what is hindering the body’s ability to be well is determined so the mind can give attention and focus to improving this situation.  For more information check out the Blog article

If BodyTalk indicates that a T.E.N.S treatment would be useful to manage and reduce chronic pain to more manageable level, Susan Lee, with your consent can use the AVAZZIA machine with the indicated frequencies to interact with connective tissue.  For more information

How Can I Begin BodyTalk Stress Reducer Therapy

Simply, contact Susan Lee owner of Saskatoon home-based clinic, Health Service 4U2B Well 306-716-2997 or use the contact page   If you are in poor condition and cannot get to the treatment clinic then Susan can give a treatment by the phone and/or Skype video call.

You don’t need to suffer from pain and stress in life:  there are solutions, which once known about through a BodyTalk session can change your experience of rehabilitating yourself.  With time it is easier for you to feel your best and recover from the injury whether that be on the physical level, emotional level or spirit level of your being.