What do you take for payments?
I accept cash, cheque, or on-line bank transfers, and paypal.

Session Pricing (Fees)

  • Special introductory offer 1/2 hour $50.00
  • Full BodyTalk Session $110.00
  • Child  $90.00
  • Package price for 5 Sessions $425.00 No expiration date
  • Package price for 10 Sessions (Family package) $725.00  Sessions can be used by one person or split up amongst family members (spouse, significant other, children, parent)  Great also for working on family dynamics or conflicts that arise between family members. No expiration date  Let Susan know when you have a session that you want to purchase a package.
  • Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage $90.00
  • Veltheim Method (VM) of lymphatic Drainage with BodyTalk $110.00
  • 4 Veltheim Method (VM)of Lymphatic Drainage $300.00 One session every 3 months for 4 months.  Expires 12 months after the purchase. Please let Susan know if you want this option when you come for your first VM of Lymphatic Drainage Session.
  • 4 Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage with BodyTalk $400.00
  • Fast-Aid Session $50.00       
  • Package price for 3 Fast-Aid Sessions $105.00 Support for surgery or injury where all 3 Fast-Aids will be used in a short period of time.  Let Susan know if you want this option when you use Fast- Aid Session.  Fast-aid is listed as a distance session but you can request to have it in person.
  • Plan 1 year of Monthly BodyTalk support for $725.00. Intention is to have on going support set in place to be your best.  Deal with what is current before health issues build up and take a toll on your well being. You are making a commitment to have 1 session each month.  It can be done in person or distance by phone or skype. Expires in 12 months after the purchase. Let Susan know when you have your BodyTalk session that you want to purchase a package.

How many treatments will it take till I feel better and see results?

Everyone is different. For some one treatment makes a world of difference and is enough till something else bothers them. For others it may take up to 10 treatments to get lasting significant changes.  Sometimes the client notice a big change right away. There mood improves, life just seems easier when no longer bothered by what they were seeking help with. The next time that same client may not notice much right after the session but over time lots of bothersome symptoms are no longer showing up for them.  Sometimes the session is amazing but for some reason yet not known, the client’s body can not utilize the session well.  Other factors come into play that takes the brain power and priority before the treatment completes and takes hold.  Often the session’s priority is to set up the conditions so the body can utilize at a later date the treatment that will make all the difference.  As stated before, everyone is unique – everyone’s base line for healing capacity starts at a different level. The strength in this system of healing is that it works with where you are to improve health and being (feeling) well.

Do I have to believe in this for it to work?
The power of thought is very strong but so is the sub-conscious mind. You may not understand anything about what was treated but the sub-conscious can use that information and make changes within. At least being open to the possibility of your body being able to make changes within to heal itself is helpful.