Did you know that stagnant lymph fluids can be blocking your immunity and even your physical well-being?  As a practitioner of the Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage, I can help you do a house and yard clean-up for your body.

Every change of season is an optimal time to clean out your body just like you clean your house and yard. I offer a powerful bundle of four sessions called VM of Lymphatic Drainage with BodyTalk. We start with a winter clean up before March 21st, then the next treatments are in the spring, summer and fall.

We are cleaning out emotional baggage, toxins, and cellular wastes. They get stimulated to move out of the tissues so the body can take out the garbage effectively. When the garbage moves the immune cells can move around the body more freely.  Besides having better immune responses other benefits are: weight loss, decreased joint pain, more energy, and sinus drainage so you can breathe better. People have also reported after a lymphatic method treatment that bowel movements become regulated and intestines feels better.

After 2 VM of Lymphatic Drainage from this bundle of four sessions a client told me that she no longer wants as much sweets or coffee.

Christine Dawn Devine, a client of 11 years says, “I have had quick resolution with difficulties after having BodyTalk with Susan Lee. I am naturally brought back into inner balance and alignment. I also love that BodyTalk looks for the main priority for the body to address for that treatment.” Christine’s has had BodyTalk sessions in person as well as distance.

Read what Saskatoon client Katie has to say about her results from a recent online BodyTalk session.  “What a difference that session made in my mentality, everything is so much clearer. Thank you!! I always love your sessions. It was all so interesting and made total sense.”

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