written by IBA Certified Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Susan J. Lee

I have continued to take BodyTalk and other energy medicine online courses so your body can benefit. At present 106 courses with the International BodyTalk Association. Below are the newest information I have received to work with.
Instructor, Laura Stuve, Ph.D in Biochemistry from UCSF and post–doc at Stanford on the Human Genome Project, developed strategies to address issues related to recovery from COVID 19, vaccine side effects and the global stress impacts of this pandemic era. Laura has 25 years in research and teaches how your innate wisdom can direct the focus to the molecules of communication directly. Changing the chemical messages of inflammation as well as stress, is the focus of what I learnt from her.
Instructor, Dr. Veltheim and senior instructor Claudia who has a Ph.D in Integrative Medicine (IQUIM, Hawaii) taught PaRama BodyTalk, which I took in 2021. Information from that course, goes in-depth on Brain Parts and Functions Connections. Your innate wellness could choose this detailed way of instructing your body on steps needed to make big changes. Often basic Bodytalk is all a person can utilize at first, but after basic balancing has occurred your system may be ready to work with more complex formulas.
Jan. 2023, I will be increasing the treatment session fees.  All individual sessions that I offer will increase by $10.00. All Packages offered will have a $25.00 increase. If you have been thinking of using BodyTalk as your wellness support, save some money by buying your package in 2022. The biggest savings to you are the monthly BodyTalk sessions for one year. Currently selling for $700.00. Once a month, you get insights on what is going on within you. Your body / mind / spirit can be balanced before more compensations are made.
As always, your best health and being well is at the core of what I do 4U2B well

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Preventative Health Treatments For Future Wellness
Preventative Health Treatments For Future Wellness