Setting up a Favorable Internal Condition so Healing can Occur Right Down to Cell Level
The Founder of BodyTalk, Dr. John Veltheim, created a system known as the Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage as he often used lymphatic drainage before he treated his clients with his other healing tools and modalities. 

Inside our bodies, at every moment, incredible activities are happening, especially in our circulation systems. What is the force and wisdom driving the circulation systems? We refer to it as the “innate wisdom of the body using energy pathways. One activity is a process in which blood circulation plasma fluid is filtered through the capillary membrane to leak out to surround the cells. This fluid bathes the cells and is called interstitial fluid. It contains nutrients and oxygen from the blood. However, the cells also need to unload their waste products, like carbon dioxide- a byproduct of cellular respiration. These chemicals leave the cell membrane, also becoming part of the interstitial fluid. This is an important process, but for the fluid to circulate around the cells there must be somewhere for this fluid to move to – if too much fluid builds up there is a problem and that is where the lymphatic system comes in to play a role.
The buildup of fluid that surrounds the cells are picked up by the lymphatic system and is now called lymph. If this lymph doesn’t move well, then new fresh supply from the blood stream doesn’t enter abundantly to supply each cell with a healthy environment of oxygen and nutrients. The area around the cell stagnates and pools of fluids collect making us feel heavy and bloated. If the body can’t get it to move, then swelling sets in as a chronic condition. This can happen deep inside us at the organ, endocrine cell level, creating discomfort and dis-ease.

What are the Benefits to the Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage?
The practitioner with their subtle sense of touch will often feel this heavy dense emotional vibration when they encourage the movement of fluids. The technique brings awareness to the emotion, allowing the brain to pay attention to it and dissolve the blockage it has created around a cluster of cells.

Our emotions have chemical compositions that circulate in the bloodstream. If emotional chemicals (neuropeptides that influence behavior, emotional reactions) collect in a specific area and don’t move then that compromises those cells and contributes to how the DNA is expressed in the cell.
For example, often the body attempts to isolate dysfunctional cells by creating cysts. It is reported that after VM of Lymphatic Drainage treatments cysts often will disappear.

This technique has also been known to help reduce swelling which then decreases joint pain. Recommended to speed up recovery after injury or surgery. 

Immune cells are transported with lymphatic system giving increased immunity which then helps to reduce inflammation. 

VM of Lymphatic Drainage to help reduce PMS symptoms and Painful Menstruation
Less PMS symptoms and painful periods because the hormones in the area have been able to circulate and eventually be broken down. When the system is operating more efficiently, then the person has extra energy to use in their life activities outside of running the body. 

I have heard clients report or experienced this myself when having VM of Lymphatic Drainage

Constipation reported to go away. Why? Because there are so many lymph nodules in the abdominal area, getting fluids to move into these structures allows for new water, nutrition and oxygen to come to gut cellular level. As the cells now hydrate with beneficial fluid, regulation of the bowel can occur. Sinuses in their head will finally drain. Why? Because this technique goes into the upper lymph nodes of neck and clavicle. People feel lighter when tissues are not bogged down with extra uncleansed fluids.

Lymphatic System Works Closely with the Immune System

It is essential for lymph to flow because lymph nodes hold white blood cells called lymphocytes. When the lymph that comes from cellular level enters, it may have with it microbes, toxins, or dead cells and that will activate a response from the lymphocytes. This stimulates the immune system to deal with these things detected in the lymph nodules. The lymph continues to flow in the lymphatic system being cleansed and filtered along its path eventually returning to the vascular system, now again part of the blood. As it filters T-cells and B-cells get exposed to many foreign substances like toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungi. If the immune system is alerted to the area where these things are detected, then it can address the situation keeping us healthy.

I do hope this article encourages you not to neglect this important system in our body. If it is needing a little assistance, please seek out a Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner. The founder of this technique, Dr. John Veltheim, also founded the BodyTalk System, so follow the link to find a trained practitioner near  you

To show treatment is light touch over clothing
Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage to encourage flow of fluids from between the cells into the lymph nodules