Understanding Lymph Circulation and Why You Want to Keep it Circulating Freely Using the Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage

Setting up a Favorable Internal Condition so Healing can Occur Right Down to Cell LevelThe Founder of BodyTalk, Dr. John Veltheim, created a system known as the Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage as he often used lymphatic drainage before he treated his clients with his other healing tools and modalities.  Inside our bodies, at […]

Rehabilitation for Injury – Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spirit Level

Rehabilitation is to restore to a condition of good health, back to its original state so it has the ability to work.         BODYTALK ASSISTS WITH BODY REHABILITATION BodyTalk cutting edge healthcare system asks the body what is it’s priority and sequencing for rehabilitation to take place.  By using this intention, BodyTalk […]