Information Susan Lee clients will want to know about

written by IBA Certified Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Susan J. Lee I have continued to take BodyTalk and other energy medicine online courses so your body can benefit. At present 106 courses with the International BodyTalk Association. Below are the newest information I have received to work with. Instructor, Laura Stuve, Ph.D in Biochemistry from UCSF […]

What do Weight Loss, Detoxing, and the Immune System Have in Common?

If you guessed the body uses the lymphatic system to unload excess weight due to toxins that have built up in your body, as well as getting the immune system activated, then you are correct. As an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, I am constantly reminded of how all the systems in the body are interconnected.  One […]

Seasonal Support to Clean the Body of Garbage that Builds up Within

Did you know that stagnant lymph fluids can be blocking your immunity and even your physical well-being?  As a practitioner of the Veltheim Method (VM) of Lymphatic Drainage, I can help you do a house and yard clean-up for your body. Every change of season is an optimal time to clean out your body just […]

BodyTalk Support for Weight, Self Image and Health Improvements

Feeling and looking heavy is often this is due to a build-up of fluids in your tissues. There are many reasons why weight issues can occur: Malabsorption of digested foods.  Foods are not broken down complete enough for the body to utilize.  The body then stores these incomplete digested materials. Lymph system flow is compromised […]

Preventative Healthcare in Saskatoon – special offer of service for 2018

Susan Lee, advanced IBA certified BodyTalk practitioner knows that helping clients stay well is just as important as healing injury or illness.  Long term diseases like chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many others build up over time. Once you have these conditions, they seem to get worse when the body is under […]

Childhood Wounds Can Be Healed

As an adult we often carry with us childhood wounds.  Some of them are our interpretations of the situations we have been in or observed. Often these hurt feelings have been stored somewhere in our bodies. We are not even aware they are there until a similar feeling occurs in a present situation. The brain […]

BodyTalk working at the Connective Tissue Level – Balancing / Reshaping your fascia

Fascia is everywhere, it surrounds all tissues and ties together everything – organs, muscles, bones, nerves & blood vessels (fascia creates the space through which the nerves, blood vessels and lymph fluids pass between the tissues).  Since the whole body is interconnected with this tough connective tissue, it makes sense that if there is an […]

Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage helps the Body Detox and much more

  Having your lymphatic system stimulated to move is beneficial for everyone but therapeutic if you experience edema or swelling due to an injury. It is especially good as a Detox Method in the springtime to help the body get rid of accumulated stored by products. Whenever you have stagnation of fluids there lies a […]

So Excited to get this website

I am so excited to get this wonderful webpage up and running.  Thanks to Jeff Goodman and his program Career Hearted – Thanks to Brandon Best the web person Jeff put me in touch with to get help