Fascia is everywhere, it surrounds all tissues and ties together everything – organs, muscles, bones, nerves & blood vessels (fascia creates the space through which the nerves, blood vessels and lymph fluids pass between the tissues).  Since the whole body is interconnected with this tough connective tissue, it makes sense that if there is an distortion in one area due to injury or imbalance, then there will be a pulling affect on another areas.  BodyTalk recognizes that everything is connected therefore when your body’s innate wisdom indicates to do a fascia balancing in one area  probably because that area is locked in a contracted state, then that in fact could be the reason for the strain and the pain in a totally different area of your body. Susan took training with Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio (now a BodyTalk practitioner/instructor, in addition to being an Osteopath, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Author “Positional Release Therapy”, also previously worked as a physical therapist and athletic trainer) who developed and teaches the BodyTalk Fascial Balancing Courses.  Dr. D’Ambrogio commented that BodyTalk practitioners have an advantage over massage, chiro, and other physical therapies because we can ask the body what is the priority and how does it want to be adjusted. The adjustment is made energetically by communicating what is indicated in the treatment so that body parts are able to make the changes because all the underlying factors also dealt with. Corrections often brings about more stability, balance, mobility,plus a decrease of pain within the body.  Susan Lee will be talking about Fascial balancing with the BodyTalk System Tuesday Oct. 15th in Divine Goddess Store (Broadway and 12th Street) 5:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.