Having your lymphatic system stimulated to move is beneficial for everyone but therapeutic if you experience edema or swelling due to an injury. It is especially good as a Detox Method in the springtime to help the body get rid of accumulated stored by products.

Whenever you have stagnation of fluids there lies a potential for toxins and bacteria to collect between the cells.  This condition is harmful for the health of the cells.  Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage is designed to stimulate the body to move the fluids (plasma, interstitial fluids) that are surrounding the cells.  This reduces inflammation, speeds the healing process because new nourishing plasma can get to the cells, plus enables immune cells to clean up and move debris.

Did you know the Lymph System is tied closely to immune system?  The fluid from our tissues are cleansed by circulating thru the lymph nodes and then that fluid is returned to the blood.  The lymph nodes contain immune cells called lymphocytes and macrophages (types of white blood cells) which defend our body against pathogens and cancer cells.

For the Month of May 2018 – Health Service 4U2B Well is offering –  Buy 2 BodyTalk treatments and receive a complimentary VM of Lymphatic Drainage treatment.

The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage can be done physically or energetically.  Combined with the BodyTalk system, trapped emotions from active memories can be dissolved and moved from the area the body has dumped these chemical neuropeptides.  This treatment is very relaxing and can be used as a Body Detox.  It seems to help the body flush out extra fluids as urination often increases for a day or two after treatment.  It is important to drink a good clean source of water and go for walks to support this action as the body gets rid of toxins. People often report feeling lighter a few days after treatment.