Susan Lee certified International BodyTalk Association (IBA) BodyTalk practitioner since 2007 will be doing demo’s and talking about the effectiveness of the BodyTalk fast-aid technique Tuesday Sept. 18th, 2013 5:15- 6:00 p.m. at Divine Goddess Store (12th street and Broadway Ave. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

BodyTalk Fast-Aid treatment utilizes the BodyTalk Cortices technique to enhance communication within all areas of the brain, then has the brain focus on the site of the problem to gather information.  The Fast-Aid technique then helps the brain focus the information gathered so a plan of action can be brought forth internally.  Communication from site of problem to it’s reciprocal is established because the reciprocal area often does the compensation for the injured site.  If Fast-Aid treatment is done by a BodyTalk practitioner then by asking the body and using the BodyTalk extensive protocol chart other area may come into focus to be enhanced.  Examples may be the site of the problem is linked to the immune system to address a bacteria in a specific location.   Or an emotion is indicated to be moved from an area of the body and this will aid with the flow of blood, nerve, lymph, and energy so the cells can repair themselves properly.

Experience the relief and quick healing that can occur by having a BodyTalk Fast-Aid treatment with Susan Lee.  Great for Babies, Children, Adults, and Seniors who do not just want to control symptoms by medications or supplements.

BodyTalk Fast-Aid is one of the techniques taught in a one day BodyTalk Access Course. BodyTalk Access program is for everyone to use to maintain and promote well-being.   To find a course near you go to