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Location:  Treatment space is in The Veranda a wellness collective

2120 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon Sask

By appointment only.  If you have questions please leave below or can call 306-716-2997

What I offer and Pricing:

  • Special introductory offer 1/2 hour $40.00
  • Full BodyTalk Session $100.00
  • Child  $80.00
  • Package price for 5 Sessions $400.00
  • Package price for 10 Sessions (Family package) $700.00
  • VM of Lymphatic Drainage $80.00
  • 4 VM of Lymphatic Drainage with BodyTalk sessions $300.00
  • Fast-Aid Session $40.00       
  • Package price for 3 Fast-Aid Sessions $80.00
  • Plan 1 year of Monthly BodyTalk support.  Health Service 4U2B Well sells 1 year of monthly BodyTalk sessions for $700.00.  Intention is to have on going support set in place to be your best.

Are you wanting to have a session but your financial income due to Covid loss of income doesn’t allow for that at present?  Talk to Susan let her know your situation and what payment schedule you would to have session now when you are needing it the most.

Appointment hours are flexible.  Distance sessions you can state your best time below.  In person session click the Schedule Now button on home page to view when I have the room.

If you are experiencing current acute physical pain – seeking fast-aid relief – please call to find out if Susan is able to do a quick fast aid session by phone call to help you until you are able to come for your BodyTalk appointment. Want to get to know Susan? Visit her page.


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