Investing in staying healthy and vibrant as you go through life pays off.  A good way would be to commit to having monthly BodyTalk sessions to address whatever is currently drawing your attention to.  Susan Lee, owner of home-based by appointment only, offers a yearly plan.  Buy package of 10 sessions, book a once a month session and Susan will BONUS 2 more sessions to complete your full year of wellness support.  Keep the stresses of daily life from building within you, by using BodyTalk awareness to balance and address issues compromising your health.

If you are not proactive with your health and the health of your family, your lifestyle may come to a halt. Chronic heart disease, cancers, mental disturbances, diabetes and hormonal imbalances affect your life.  Why not find a way to ensure proper functioning of the body systems with a focus on repair and maintenance.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Whether you seek preventative care to prevent future pain and health problems, prevent a relapse of an old problem, or simply improve your overall health, BodyTalk can you reach your health goals.

BodyTalk improves various factors such as communication of information, nerve, blood, lymph and energy flow.  All essential for a well functioning body.

If you are suffering from chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and sciatica, BodyTalk can help reduce the symptoms and recurrence of this type of severe pain.  BodyTalk can bring clarity as to why the condition developed plus help the body heal.  There is an order to what needs to be addressed first, usually setting up support to assist with the healing of a specific area within.

Some techniques that often come up to promote good health are:

Cortices: for improvement in thinking, memory, concentration, stress reduction, establish feelings of well-being.  It improves general physiological functioning of the body.

Switching:  Normalizes the body’s stress threshold so stress doesn’t lead to silly mistakes by being inattentive, confused, and unable to make good decisions

Hydration: corrects the body’s ability to fully use the water available – therefore greatly improving efficiency of all cells

Body Chemistry:  addresses many chronic and acute conditions caused by virus, bacteria, parasites, allergies, food intolerance and accumulated toxins

Reciprocals: effective on many forms of injuries, spinal problems plus encourages alignment and reorganization

Feel the difference today!  Support yourself and loved ones to experience good health, improved thinking plus being able to live a life of feeling well.  Use contact page


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