Image to show improved posture, lifted not saggy due to less fluid build up in the body.
Image to show improved posture, lifted not saggy due to less fluid build up in the body.

Feeling and looking heavy is often this is due to a build-up of fluids in your tissues. There are many reasons why weight issues can occur:

  1. Malabsorption of digested foods.  Foods are not broken down complete enough for the body to utilize.  The body then stores these incomplete digested materials.
  2. Lymph system flow is compromised by surgery or scar tissue. Childbirth scars, cysts may be the priority to address to get flow established again.
  3. The Lymphatic Nodules are too full of junk and don’t have ability to take in new materials for filtering and getting wastes to elimination systems.
  4. Not adequate water intake so the body has to hold on to what it has for water therefore toxins keep building up around the tissues.
  5. Poor posture and alignment issues have impeded good flow causing stagnation to occur in certain areas. In a women’s pelvis if lymphatic system becomes sluggish then the circulation of estrogen is impaired and reproductive system can’t drain properly.

Did you know that your body can change its shape, posture, tone and even balance through better energy flow?  BodyTalk can help your body do this.

During a BodyTalk session your body will dictate what is the priority for the healing session. You could let your practitioner know that you have an agenda of feeling lighter (losing weight is what people tend to ask for but really the goal of the body would be to feel better about self.)

This can be worked on from many different levels – physical level as described above. Goal may be to get body from not putting on the extra weight in the first place.  Self esteem issues caused by trauma or childhood experiences can be holding this experience of being heavy in place.  Often stored information from comments that someone else said to you, the body can take it in as it’s own truth. Even what you tell yourself may be reinforcing the pattern of putting on weight. BodyTalk has the ability to deal with these limiting beliefs asking the body where beliefs are stored and what techniques or formula can assist in removing them or lessening the impact it has on the person.  BodyTalk works with the priority of the body.  Sometimes Lymphatic Stimulation may be what is needed to move stagnated lymph and excess emotional energy from tissues so swelling goes away.

As a practitioner in 12 years of practice, I am often amazed with the insights that clients get during their BodyTalk treatment.

My clients predominantly in their 30’s have been saying they feel 10 pounds lighter, so much emotional baggage has been released.  Their skin has glow and life to it.  They just look better, feel better about themself.