Yes, it does seem impossible having a session at a distance will assist the body to heal itself.  But really, doesn’t it seem impossible that we can Zoom from all over the world in present moment to meet, see and hear each other instantaneously.  That a small phone can access zillion pieces of data, play a movie, get music from any radio station you want to connect with?

We live in an amazing world.  Human kind is able to do amazing things even if we don’t understand how it works.

At present time, April 2020, we are told to stay home, to distance ourselves from others as an attempt to stop the spread of COVID 19 virus. Distance healing sessions are a great asset to be utilized.  BodyTalk can assist the body and mind to heal when ill or stay well. For example by enhancing the body’s function like immune system responses.

Information that gets revealed by the BodyTalk session by an online or phone call session could be very valuable.  How does that happen – you may ask?

Every unique person has an energy frequency, just like a radio station broadcasts information.  Your body is doing that inside of itself.  The BodyTalk practitioner works with the client’s unique frequency to determine what is the priority to focus on for that person.

Distance sessions are conducted in the same way as if the client was physically present.  The BodyTalk practitioner follows the same line of questions using an object or self as surrogate to confirm yes / no responses.

Once the information that gets revealed is highlighted to the brain, then the intelligence within can use that to make changes.  The BodyTalk system can find out what is limiting best function plus more importantly what techniques can be done to improve the situation.

By addressing stress factors as they come up, we can prevent the building up of compensation patterns.  The areas where stress gets stored often cause damage or limit function with the synchronization of the rest of the body.

If you are not feeling well at present, Why don’t you try a BodyTalk session?  You don’t need to leave the safety or comfort of your home. Often things that we are not consciously aware of surfaces to be addressed.  Once dealt with the body often functions much better, improving the areas which you were conscious of not being their best.