Symptoms from these external factors can improve by receiving a BodyTalk Body Chemistry Technique with the associated information such as events from the past or present that are currently affecting the immune response or lack of it.

Mom calling BodyTalk Practitioner about her sick child
Mom calling BodyTalk Practitioner about her sick child

What if you don’t have to suffer as bad or as long when virus, bacteria, mold, parasites, allergy, intolerance, toxin factors enter from external environment?  What if the immune system could be stimulated if it is under active and calmed down if it is overactive?

Coronavirus is talked about so much in 2020.  There is great concern that this tiny microbe will infect and even kill many people.  Flu season is upon us.  Everyone knows being hit by the flu feels terrible.

Cells for fighting Flu

If you are sick already, a distance BodyTalk session may be just what is needed to turn your illness around quickly.  The BodyTalk practitioner tunes into the intelligence of your body asking the body what is the priority to focus on and communicate to areas that need this information.  Often the type of microbe gets identified with location linking this what and where information to a specific immune cell that can deal with it.  In addition, the focus may be for cells to produce a protein called interferon that limit virus replication as well as activating the immune cells.  Each person is unique so there is no one treatment for all.  This is one of the strengths of BodyTalk.  The revealed information thru yes / no responses the practitioner gets, directs what will be tapped into the brain and body parts while the client listens to the session.  This tapping of information can be done by phone call, skype, or voice memo.  How cool is that?  Help is available through a BodyTalk session even when you or a child are too sick to leave the house.

A good preventative measure would be to have a BodyTalk session with the focus of improving the Lymphatic System’s ability to alert and transport the immune cells to a location when infection is present.  A stimulated lymphatic system can rapidly transport the fluid from around the cells to the lymph nodes.  The lymph nodes are filled with lymphocytes, which are immune cells stored ready when infection is detected.  If these cells go into action when the infection is small, the symptoms may not even be felt.  We all know of situations when a lot of people were exposed to someone sick, yet a few of those people didn’t get any symptoms at all.

Illustration of a teenage boy's lymphatic system.
Illustration of a teenage boy’s lymphatic system.

The BodyTalk Body Chemistry technique is designed to work with the immune system and the brain.  Often there are many contributing factors playing a role in how the immune system is functioning.  Even down to what the body identifies as harmful.

In the case of allergy, for an example – Visualize a child playing in the field when a parent is wanting them to do something else.  The angry parent yells and startles them.  The part of the brain that serves us by recording what is dangerous, at that moment registers the field as part of the danger story.  The sense of smell has recorded the pollen, and even in later years this pollen substance triggers danger being communicated in the body.  The immune system goes into action and hay fever is experienced year after year.

But what if the brain could be encouraged to re-evaluate that 1st situation?  The BodyTalk treatment may reveal the story orientated to the person being four years, 3 months, 21 days old at 4:30 p.m.  Now the brain has enough information to go back to what happened at that moment in time. The story revealed and the associations with a specific part of the brain (amygdala) that has registered danger tied in with pollen can be adjusted. The treatment could run a formula to get the brain to analyze what happened.  Now as an adult having the understanding of what took place, the brain can be retrained not to overact.  The BodyTalk treatment could go on to link this information to the immune response, even more specifically to the histamine production.  Histamine production corrected within the body could make the hay fever reaction subside very quickly.  If the brain is no longer reactive to the pollen then hay fever doesn’t need to occur in the future.

From personal experience treating my sick husband, I got toxin as the focus.  More specific it entered his left hand and the toxin was foam like.  As the information came forth, my husband then told me that he sprayed a foam like substance to kill wasps in the garage attic the day before he felt sick.  His body was having a tough time neutralizing the toxin to detox the body.  After the BodyTalk session he improved quickly.  He would have never associated the spray with why he felt sick.  What is even better is that the brain could focus on the toxin information and relay this to his liver.  The liver has the ability to produce compounds to neutralize toxins.  Once neutralized the body can safely get the substance to the elimination systems to excrete.

It is so wonderful to have a holistic natural system to assist in healing.  Susan Lee, of Health Service 4U2B Well, is so pleased to be able to help people in this way.  Setting up communication of information within the body to be utilized so the body can heal itself.  This is a empowering way to treat ill health. Try it out – its effects may pleasantly surprise you bringing you back into alignment, balance and better well being.