Balance issues or vertigo, limits what a person is able to do. BodyTalk sessions can stimulate the body to address many of the factors playing into balance issue symptoms.

Concussion, stroke, or migraines may have left the brain with lesions. During a BodyTalk session a certain area of the brain may get highlighted with the focus for the body to get energy and information flow through the affected site. The brain will then be able to function better with sorting out the cues it is receiving from the sensory nerves of the body.

Priority may be the calcium crystals in the inner ear have moved out of their correct position and now the nerves are getting false information on position of the head.  In this situation information from the eyes would be confusing to the brain.

In July 2019 I took a course, Correcting Balance Issues, from founder of the BodyTalk system Dr. John Veltheim.  One of the factors he has found comes up priority with balance issues is the Adrenal / Kidney Complex.  In Chinese Medicine the Adrenal / Kidney’s associated energy line (meridian) has a relationship with the ears, eyes and brain.  This energy circuit is part of the Water Element which has an association with the emotion, Fear.  Sub-conscious Fear that is running in a person’s mind is drawing energy out of this circuit, making it weak.  Once that energy meridian imbalance is addressed by de-stressing the brain’s fear then the brain, eyes and ears potential to work more efficiently increases.

Infections in the inner ears are a problem for young children.  Babies could have issues with eyes, ears, and the brain coordinating how to have balance with movement.  This will show up by child being slow to talk, walk or learn manual skills.  In addition, trauma to the skull either by falls or the birthing process may be indicated as a focus. Structure influences function. Getting the child’s body to improve shape of skull by understanding the importance of the sucking action with relationship to muscles in the head helps reshape the skull.  The brain’s ability to integrate right left information from the body and coordinate that improves when brain’s right left physical structures are also balanced.

Balance Photo BodyTalk philosophy recognizes that many factors are playing out within the body, including what is going on in your life from past experiences up to present moment, plus your genetics.  Sometimes the recent balance issue is due to the physical body having trouble moving or aligning to your direction in life.  In this case, again BodyTalk can highlight the conflict within.  Once there is clarity on what is going on then a solution usually can be found.