If you guessed the body uses the lymphatic system to unload excess weight due to toxins that have built up in your body, as well as getting the immune system activated, then you are correct.

As an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, I am constantly reminded of how all the systems in the body are interconnected.  One of the “Aha” moments I have had in doing this type of work, is how often lymph or lymph circulation is highlighted in a session. The lymphatic system is key to the body being able to clear away compromising factors such as toxins, or the chemical compositions that emotions have created. The health of the other systems fall into place after the lymph clears the path.  It is amazing to hear clients say they feel lighter, and to see the glow their face has immediately after they have received a Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD) treatment.

The health of a cell depends on the environment that surrounds it. Imagine sitting in the bathtub, the water soon turns dirty with dead cells and products that you have used.  Eventually this bathwater is not so nice to sit in.  If you can’t move the dirty water out, you won’t be able to get clean water in. This is the same story with the cells as they sit in extracellular fluid. The lymph capillaries are designed to drain away this fluid to move toxins away from the cells.

Just like sometimes the sewer system gets plugged up, the lymphatic system can also get slow and sluggish. Physical activity such as exercise, or even the breathing action, is the natural way to move the extracellular fluid, now called lymph once it is within the lymphatic system.  The beauty of using a method like lymphatic drainage is to intentionally move extracellular/lymph fluids in the body. The VMLD moves the extracellular fluid from the tissues in a specific pattern to create a suction action to start the flow again.

Combine the VMLD with BodyTalk and so much more can happen, like detoxing unhelpful beliefs held at the genetic cellular level.  I have worked with priority information that the client’s  body highlighted as an ancestor’s experience. Because of an ancestor who lived without much food, their cells genetically adapted to storing as much as they could. Getting the brain to connect to this information,then re-evaluate the current situation of having lots of food available, the body’s cells would be directed to repair on the genetic level, this behavior of stock piling.

Extra weight could be due to hormones building up in tissues.  BodyTalk can identify the location as the focus, as well as how to rebalance, so this situation need not continue to occur. The accumulated hormones can be directed to the place where they can be broken down. BodyTalk engages the brain and body to work together to achieve desired result.  The VMLD has been known to assist in dissolving cysts.

Just like it feels good to clean your house and yard with the change of seasons, it is an optimal time also to clean the body.  Many people are drawn to do a detox program at the start of a new season.  Use the VMLD as a detox for you.  No supplements to buy. Just stimulate your body’s natural garbage removal system.

When the garbage is removed from the tissues then nutrients, oxygen, immune cells can move more freely in the body. Other benefits reported are weight loss, swelling reduction, decreased joint pain, more energy, better sinus drainage so you can breathe better. Often even bowel movements become regulated and intestines feel better.

After two season changes with VMLD and BodyTalk combination, a client reported she no longer wants as many sweets or as much coffee, in addition to being less swollen.  BodyTalk contributed towards the change in what she wants to feed herself. The change in her diet may reduce her overall inflammation, which led to the swelling issues in the first place.

Susan Lee, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner offers both BodyTalk and Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage Treatments at The Veranda Collective located 2120 St. George Ave Saskatoon.   In person as well as Distance sessions are available by appointment only. Book online www.bodytalkhealthservice.com or call 306-716-2997