Often the child will develop beliefs about themselves when feeling hurt or not understood
Often the child will develop beliefs about themselves when feeling hurt or not understood

As an adult we often carry with us childhood wounds.  Some of them are our interpretations of the situations we have been in or observed. Often these hurt feelings have been stored somewhere in our bodies. We are not even aware they are there until a similar feeling occurs in a present situation. The brain is triggered and our response is an over reaction.  That is the key that there is more going on inside us than the one situation.

The BodyTalk system has a technique which gathers up the emotion from several active memories that have been stored in one location.  This technique stimulates the brain and body to move and get rid of this stored emotional energy that is not helpful to us.  People report that situations that used to provoke a strong emotional reaction now can be dealt with more calmly. They have been able to come up with steps to improve the situation.  No longer stuck in just the reactive mode of being.

Often this stored energy (emotion) that the body has held on to is compromising physical health.  The emotional release technique is often needed before good communication, energy, blood, nerve, and lymph flow can start to heal affected system of the body.  Areas often compromised are the digestive system and the endocrine hormonal system.  Pain relief is often felt after a BodyTalk treatment. With continued healing support of Bodytalk treatments, the body will continue to heal what is ailing it.   A BodyTalk practitioner asks the body what is the priority for the body to heal itself.

What I like about this technique is that the client doesn’t have to relive the experience or talk about it.  Once BodyTalk has identified where the energy and information has been stored then the client’s brain with the practitioner’s focus can eliminate it.

So……..I started thinking “What an advantage it would be for future health if childhood hurts could be healed in childhood!!!”  I wrote an article in November/December 2015 Wholife Magazine that poses the question “Is there help so family members are less susceptible to illness?”  Yes, I believe BodyTalk is that help now and for future well being. Click highlighted text to  Read full article by  to gain more understanding how BodyTalk treatments for your children can benefit the whole family.

author – Susan Lee operates a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan home based Wellness clinic  HealthService 4U2B Well.