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Have you wished you could be more like someone you admire because of a quality they possess that you have not developed yet?  I often struggled to speak up for myself and admired those who communicated well.

One of my sessions  evolved around the throat chakra –  the ability to speak up.  Part of the treatment had to do with a situation that I was not aware of.  Sadness of  “not feeling heard”.   The root belief started when I was 5 years old. Information that came up in my BodyTalk session was how my Aunt Elaine looked at me in a way that made me feel insignificant.   My aunt shared my bedroom, living with us so she could go to school.    blahI was a talkative 5 year old and she would have been 15.   She was probably annoyed with me when she did her homework or studying.   The focus of my session was to “feel free to express my thoughts”.  This childhood story had a relationship to my heart, lungs and various parts of the brain.  An opportunity now for those body parts to reassess what they held as truth about me.  BodyTalk teaches that each body part has consciousness – the psychology of the lungs in this case was the concept of  suffocating.  I had to learn to stifle/ smother my chattiness in our bedroom.  The heart consciousness of self love – what I thought about myself was also influenced.

In childhood and adult life I seldom shared my ideas. I felt like no one cared or wanted to know about them.  This tendency is changing – I now speak up when I want to be heard about a subject as you witnessed in the BodyTalk Presentation held May 1st.

In whatever stage of development or age you are, BodyTalk has something to offer.  I welcome the opportunity to utilize all my training to assist you to make changes for a healthier and happier you.  Call today to experience what wants to change within.

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