Distance BodyTalk Sessions

Yes, it does seem impossible having a session at a distance will assist the body to heal itself.  But really, doesn’t it seem impossible that we can Zoom from all over the world in present moment to meet, see and hear each other instantaneously.  That a small phone can access zillion pieces of data, play […]

Help for the Body to Deal with Virus, Bacteria, Mold, Parasite, Allergy, Intolerance or Toxin

Symptoms from these external factors can improve by receiving a BodyTalk Body Chemistry Technique with the associated information such as events from the past or present that are currently affecting the immune response or lack of it. What if you don’t have to suffer as bad or as long when virus, bacteria, mold, parasites, allergy, […]

Balance Issues or Concerns

Balance issues or vertigo, limits what a person is able to do. BodyTalk sessions can stimulate the body to address many of the factors playing into balance issue symptoms. Concussion, stroke, or migraines may have left the brain with lesions. During a BodyTalk session a certain area of the brain may get highlighted with the […]

Heart Health – Love and Oxytocin

The Month of February brings attention to the heart. What does Heart Health and Valentine’s Day have in common?  A lot, it seems. The Month of February brings attention to heart. The connection between Body and Mind is demonstrated by the “love hormone” called Oxytocin, which our body makes when we feel loved and supported.  This is the […]

Preventative Healthcare in Saskatoon – special offer of service for 2018

Susan Lee, advanced IBA certified BodyTalk practitioner knows that helping clients stay well is just as important as healing injury or illness.  Long term diseases like chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many others build up over time. Once you have these conditions, they seem to get worse when the body is under […]

Health Coaching and BodyTalk Combo

Health Coaching and BodyTalk Combo   Health Services 4U2B Well is having a Free Presentation to explain how having a Health Coach to support the changes you consciously know would make an improvement in your health.  This is to be partnered with BodyTalk that address the sub-consciousness patterns interfering with your desired state of wellness. […]

Rehabilitation for Injury – Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spirit Level

Rehabilitation is to restore to a condition of good health, back to its original state so it has the ability to work.         BODYTALK ASSISTS WITH BODY REHABILITATION BodyTalk cutting edge healthcare system asks the body what is it’s priority and sequencing for rehabilitation to take place.  By using this intention, BodyTalk […]

Childhood Wounds Can Be Healed

As an adult we often carry with us childhood wounds.  Some of them are our interpretations of the situations we have been in or observed. Often these hurt feelings have been stored somewhere in our bodies. We are not even aware they are there until a similar feeling occurs in a present situation. The brain […]

Health Service 4U2B Well is thrilled to be part of Wellness Expo and New Earth Expo

What a great opportunity to have exposure to large crowds interested in being well!  Susan Lee is thrilled that 5 IBA Certified BodyTalk Practitioners will be at Saskatoon’s Wellness Expo joined with New Earth Expo this weekend Feb. 5 – 7th.  There are 69 Exhibitors at the show ranging from Popeye’s Supplements Saskatoon,TOPS,Choice Nutrition, all the […]

New Business Name – Same great service for all ages

BodyTalk with Susan Lee changed the business name to Health Service 4U2B Well, July 23rd 2015.  Service for all ages remains the same. Susan Lee, Saskatoon’s local family BodyTalk practitioner looks forward to serving those seeking a change in current health. Treatments are  great to relieve pain, to help improve and heal many health challenges, […]