How BodyTalk can Help Overcome What is Limiting Us

Have you wished you could be more like someone you admire because of a quality they possess that you have not developed yet?  I often struggled to speak up for myself and admired those who communicated well. One of my sessions  evolved around the throat chakra –  the ability to speak up.  Part of the […]

10 Reasons Parents Bring their Children to BodyTalk with SL

Fast – BodyTalk gets to the contributing factors of why the illness / behavior is present.  Information given within the body speeds up the healing process. Effective – Awareness is brought forward this often changes a  perspective bringing  the person more balance and in alignment within themselves. Even if the child doesn’t understand what is highlighted to […]

BodyTalk working at the Connective Tissue Level – Balancing / Reshaping your fascia

Fascia is everywhere, it surrounds all tissues and ties together everything – organs, muscles, bones, nerves & blood vessels (fascia creates the space through which the nerves, blood vessels and lymph fluids pass between the tissues).  Since the whole body is interconnected with this tough connective tissue, it makes sense that if there is an […]

Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage helps the Body Detox and much more

  Having your lymphatic system stimulated to move is beneficial for everyone but therapeutic if you experience edema or swelling due to an injury. It is especially good as a Detox Method in the springtime to help the body get rid of accumulated stored by products. Whenever you have stagnation of fluids there lies a […]

Got a Pain? Injury? BodyTalk Fast-Aid to the Rescue!!!!!

Susan Lee certified International BodyTalk Association (IBA) BodyTalk practitioner since 2007 will be doing demo’s and talking about the effectiveness of the BodyTalk fast-aid technique Tuesday Sept. 18th, 2013 5:15- 6:00 p.m. at Divine Goddess Store (12th street and Broadway Ave. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) BodyTalk Fast-Aid treatment utilizes the BodyTalk Cortices technique to enhance communication within […]

So Excited to get this website

I am so excited to get this wonderful webpage up and running.  Thanks to Jeff Goodman and his program Career Hearted – Thanks to Brandon Best the web person Jeff put me in touch with to get help